Synchronize your catalogue with Amazon

Thanks to Storeden, you can synchronize your catalogue on all Amazon Marketplaces
and offer your products to millions of customers.

Selling on Amazon via Storeden is quick and easy

How does it work?

Configure your Amazon seller account within Storeden, enter your credentials and connect.

Associate your products
Decide which products to publish on Amazon, then define the processing times and any price changes.

Activate synchronization
Keep products updated, quantities aligned and download all orders.

100% risk free: try Storeden free for 15 days.

The benefits for your business are infinite.

Your warehouse is always updated

You won't have to worry about managing anything manually, the system will update the inventory, products and prices for you.

Shared shippings

Shipping is synchronized with the logistics systems you use for your online shop.

Automatic synchronization

Enter all the products of your online shop at once, even within Amazon, to make sure your products reach millions of users.

Increase sales

Thanks to Amazon's popularity, sales are practically guaranteed to increase.

Connect to Amazon and sell your products to millions of users.
Create your online shop with Storeden today.

100% risk free. Try Storeden free for 15 days.

The essence of an online shop is not the technology that built it.

The essence of a webstore is sales.

That's why Storeden helps you create a complete, professional online shop. 

In addition, we'll give you all the tools you need to boost sales and quickly get your name out to consumers.