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  • Custom search function


    The custom search function is available in the Products, Orders, Clients and Coupons section and allows you to save search parameters to perform searches faster and more dynamically.

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    Backoffice update: tools section


    Storeden is constantly updated! To provide you with a smooth and organized browsing experience, we have decided to put together the following features under the TOOLS section of your backoffice: import / export, reviews, translations, files (gallery / documents).

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    Partial permissions


    From now you will be able to provide partial permissions to all the collaborators that work on your online store. Enter the Settings >> Permissions section and decide which sections of the control panel enable or disable to your collaborators!

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    Facebook Messenger online chat for your eCommerce


    The integration of the Facebook Messenger online chat for your eCommerce is now available! Enter the App Market and install the app for free in just a few simple steps.

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    Easy return goods management


    We think to you by implementing a fast and easy-to-manage system for the return merchandise request. Find out all the details by visiting the online guide!

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    Manual order creation? Discover how to!


    From now on, in order to facilitate your customers, you can use the manual order creation function. How? It is very simple!

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    Ebay updates


    From the beginning of June eBay will block non-mobile friendly listings. To update the template for your ads, follow the steps below.

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    A gift card for every occasion


    ... The gift cards have been released! Now you can make available to all your customers the purchase of gift cards for their gifts and purchases. You can offer gift cards of any size and manage them very easily from your control panel ... as easy as that!

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    New function


    From today, under the Marketing settings, you can find a new option: Gift Package, so you can offer this useful checkout service to all customers, offering them a "welcome" gift.

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    Upgrade abandoned carts!


    Upgrade for the abandoned carts, with configurable automatic send, outcome feedback and customizable email-templates!

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