Storeden product inventory

Easily manage your product inventory with Storeden

Storeden lets you to manage your entire catalogue completely and independently through a centralized panel: you can update your inventory, upload images and product descriptions, and establish prices.

Batch changes

Select the products you want to modify, change the category and the price, add discounts, promotions and so much more, simply and easily.

Product variants

It has never been so easy manage product variations. Add any additional costs and different images for each version of a given product.

Catalogue management

Everything runs better when your catalogue is well organized. You can create categories and sub-categories, or add filters and tags to your products to make it easier for your customers to shop.

Product attributes

This feature allows you to add new fields and the information you need to the product page in a few clicks. It may seem small, but this feature alone will save you thousands in customization fees.

Want to connect to your management software?

Thanks to the versatility of the Storeden platform, you can connect to your management software in order to oversee your inventory, order unloading and billing, all in one place and with full functionality. For more info, contact us.