Sell on eBay with Storeden

How does it work?

Configure your eBay account

Choose the market and press 'eBay connect' to start selling your products on eBay.

Set up sale parameters

Associate categories, select product attributes, and define order and shipping settings. 

You decide which products to publish on eBay, determining the processing times and any price changes.

Activate synchronization

Keep products updated, quantities aligned and download all orders in your Storeden panel.

100% risk free. Try Storeden free for 15 days.

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Join the world of eBay

We listened to the leading eBay sellers to create a refreshingly easy system. We then integrated our platform into all eBay marketplaces.

Automatic updates

Post your listings quickly. They will be updated automatically each time you make a change to your Storeden catalogue.

Centralized warehouse

Simplify your business by automatically synchronizing your inventory, without the need for manual updates.

Reduce costs and efforts

Everything is managed automatically by Storeden to save you time and money.

Increase sales

By publishing your catalogue within any eBay marketplace, your visibility and traffic will increase.

Sell on eBay
Expand your options with Storeden to effortlessly
sell your products on eBay

With your Storeden account, you can synchronize up to twenty eBay portals.

100% risk free: try Storeden free for 15 days.