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Storeden allows you to connect your eCommerce website catalogue with Facebook to increase the web traffic to and visibility of your products in a channel where your customers already spend their time. 

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A complete shop

Thanks to our integration with Facebook, you can easily sell your products on the world's largest social network. Choose the products to add to your page.

Create Facebook posts

Create and share posts of your products directly from the Storeden dashboard, expanding your range very quickly.

Facebook Ads Extension

Promote your catalogue on Facebook. Thanks to this feature, you can promote all your products simultaneously instead of creating individual sponsored ads.

Facebook Messenger

Make the purchase experience unique thanks to Storeden's integration with Facebook Messenger. Bring the Messenger chat platform directly to your web shop.

Can I decide what to sell on Facebook?

Of course! You can quickly add or remove products at any time. Storeden even makes it possible to only show the most engaging items.

More conversions

Thanks to Facebook's advanced tools, you can sponsor your page, your products and even your website to increase their popularity and brand awareness.

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100% risk free. Try Storeden free for 15 days.