Easy management and order fulfillment

Complete order management

Everything integrates perfectly with your new online store. A professional order management system, which ensures you can clearly view new orders, orders being processed, and those that have been completely fulfilled. 

You can also manage the order from its creation to its completion and invoicing. 

Through multiple integrations, Storeden offers you the shipping options you need to improve your conversion numbers, encourage customer loyalty and simplify operations. ​​​​​​​

Back-end orders

Thanks to this function you can easily create manual orders from the control panel by sending a payment link directly to the customer. 

Shipping types

You can configure shipments according to the parameters most useful to you: weight/volume, price per product, weight / volume ratios, and much more.

Shipment tracking

From shipping to delivery, your customers can track their order at any time thanks to the tracking service that you can access, for free, when preparing the order.

Logistic systems

We're integrated with the best! Visit the App Market and find out which logistic systems best fit your needs.

Easy returns

If a customer has bought the wrong size or wants to change the product, you can manage the return process, attaching labels and the necessary documentation in a few steps. ​​​​​​​

Multisy-stem orders

If you take advantage of marketplaces to get your name out there, Storeden will download all your orders from each marketplace and organize them, so you can manage all your sales in half the time.