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  • We think about everything, selling on Facebook is really simple.

    When you register you can start selling on Facebook shop in three easy steps. Quantities and prices are updated automatically, the order is imported into your panel together with the shop orders. As easy as that.

    Sell more

    Soon you'll see how our solution greatly increases your visibility and your sales. On Facebook there is the world and now you can systematically offer your products within the network.

    Can I decide what to sell on Facebook?

    Absolutely, select the products you want to publish on your page. Facebook does not leave much space for products, hence it is important to show the most interesting ones. From our statistics we recommend you do not exceed 60 products to be published.

    Create posts that take back to your products

    Besides being able to sell from your page, you can create sales post without going through the Facebook Power Editor, you can publish your products in user message boards and they can share them. Add some advertising on your Facebook page and the success is guaranteed.

    Get to know in a really fast manner

    Now that you can leverage on the Facebook channel to sell, all your 'Followers' will know your store in a faster and viral way. You can also invite them to follow directly your shop and stay informed with your news and promotions.