Choose from multiple integrated payment systems

Diversify your payment methods

Storeden offers a wide range of payment options to help you receive international transactions, increase your mobile conversions and increase the average order value. 

We give you the option to choose the solutions that work best for your online business: the choice is yours.

The best gateways are already integrated

Storeden relies on the best payment gateways available including Paypal and Paypal PRO, Amazon Pay, ComNpay and Stripe, which allows you to accept all internationally-recognized credit and debit cards.

Standard payments

Why not use the classic cash on delivery or bank transfers? Even their configuration is extremely simple - no special settings required. Your customers will be happy to have so many payment options.

Cryptocurrencies integrable via apps

For those with cryptocurrencies, it is possible to integrate and accept payments in Bitcoin, Litecoin and many others. Learn more on the Market App.

Checkout with Amazon Pay

Allow your customers to complete their orders with an Amazon account thanks to the Amazon Pay feature. Could it get any easier?

Risk analysis

Thanks to the risk analysis tool, the system warns you of potential fraudulent orders to protect you and minimize your risk.