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    Selling on Storeden and much more. Make visible your shop on the major portals, manage the integration with other sales platforms and social media from a single control panel, maximize the viral effect of the content in order to attract as many visitors as possible. The synchronization feature allows you to exponentially increase the visibility of your eCommerce in a few clicks.

    Facebook ... everyone is inside this social network!

    Getting as much as possible from a window that is looking out over a billion potential customers, giving them the opportunity to not only view the profile of the company and the products for sale, but also to conclude the transaction from your social networks.
    From the Facebook page of a Storeden store it is possible to buy directly, without the need to access the website. Thanks to this feature, most of the intermediate steps between the display of the product and the transaction conclusion are cut down.

    Ebay: if you're there, you'll sell!

    Ebay has evolved from auction site to the world's most important online market, where more than 90% of the products are new and the price set by the seller ( "Buy It Now" function). From your Storeden eCommerce, you can create a store on eBay in a few clicks and attract users of the world's largest virtual marketplace.

    Amazon sync
    From the Storeden panel it is possible to sell products within the largest marketplace in the world ... Amazon! All configuration are possible with a simple click.

    Price comparators
    Bring up your own product in the top of the search engine results. Storeden is perfectly integrated with Trovaprezzi and Google Shopping, two of the most important systems that permit prices comparison for the online products sales.
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