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    You need to be... on the search engine!

    For a correct indexing between the search engines it is fundamental to attract new visitors on your online store. Indeed, most visitors tend to click on the first results of web search. Storeden was developed for maximizing the online presence among the first search results to obtain the highest visibility possible.

    Real time statistics
    The statistics regarding access to your eCommerce, the permanence of the users and the conversion rates are fundamental for determining your sales and marketing strategies. Thanks to Storeden, you can view all of the required statistics - updated in real time - with a click.

    Analytics: a fundamental tool for your business
    Google Analytics is thetechnology that permits monitoring the access to your store, the viewed products and other useful parameters for the commerce administrator. The main aim is to attract visitors and transform them in clients. Storeden is integrated with Google Analytics and ensures the visibility of those data directly from the backoffice of the online store.

    Facebook statistics
    Statistics of your Facebook page are important for testing public's interests for your store. Together with Storeden and Google Analytics statistics, Facebook statistics will be visible on your control panel.
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