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    Easy set-up and management

    Create an online store in a few steps, customize it with the best application, choose the graphics that is more suitable for you... Storeden will guide you on the creation of your ecommerce in a simple and intuitive way. The management of your store will be really intuitive thanks to an user friendly control panel.

    Real time graphic theme development 
    Realize graphic themes for your ecommerce in real time, with real time changes thanks to the in-staging functions visible directly to the front-end. Integrate new functionalities immediately by checking the changes before they are made final. 

    A system accessible by all
    The creation and maintenance of the online store does not require the action of a programmer or a web professional but it can be made entirely by users with no technical background. Selling online, adding products and reviews will be easy and intutive.

    Foreign visitors can select the language they want to view your eCommerce. This is a positive user experience that encourages staying on the site and purchase.

    User-friendly management interface
    Manage your online store from a control panel that is simple and intuitive. The division by functional areas, the menus and sub-menus for a faster access, the possibility to make real-time changes and additions will be some of the satisfying elements for the ecommerce administrator.

    Unlimited brands
    Storeden does not impose limits: you can handle an unlimited number of brands, manufacturers, designers .... And each of them can be combined with logos and images. The main aim is to maximize the communication that you do on your own online store.

    Categories and much more
    Do you manage many different categories? No problem. Is each category split up into sub-categories? You will be able to easily handle them. You can also combine each category and sub-category with images that you prefer.

    Personalized logos and icons
    Personalize your logos and icons both on the front-end and on your backoffice.
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