Giarvis Digital Invoice

"Giarvis Digital Invoice" is an application that allows you to import orders into Giarvis online management and automatically transform them into invoices and XML for electronic invoices.

Giarvis Digital Invoice has been available for some days. Thanks to this new app it is possible to import orders from Storeden to the Giarvis online management and turn them into invoices and XML for the electronic invoice.

You will have access to the modules for the complete management of the sales flow with offers, orders, transport documents and invoices, the management of purchases with requests for offers and orders to the supplier, the management of agents and the related commissions, loads and discharges inventory, inventory management and production batches.
Giarvis also provides the possibility to manage the internal resources of the company with projects and activities for users and programming of the same, to archive documents establishing different levels of access for reading and writing.
You can install it directly from here

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