Fatture in Cloud

The app reads the orders in Storeden, based on some parameters defined during configuration, and sends them to Fatture in Cloud.

From today you can take advantage of the app developed by Velvet Media to connect your Storeden website to Fatture in Cloud.

The app configuration procedure, once installed by the app store, provides that you complete a series of choices in sequence before proceeding with the first data transmission.

1. Parameters for calls to Fatture in Cloud, retrievable from the related user profile which provides, for bees, two parameters: api UID and api KEY. These two values ​​must be reported in the respective parameters of the app. When saving the choice, at the same time, some information and tables from the database of Invoices in Cloud will be stored, which are useful for the conversion process. If these data were to change to Invoices in the Cloud, it will be sufficient to run the parameter update procedure again.

2. Storeden store data. During the update phase, some information and tables from the Storeden database that are useful for the conversion process will also be stored at the same time. If this data changes in Storeden it will be sufficient to perform the update procedure again.

3. Order selection, ie which parameters to consider to read orders in Storeden; the values ​​considered are

to. Inserted by ("since" parameter of the api "/orders/list.json")

b. Order status - excluding the "unpaid" status a priori

c. Request invoice.

4. VAT management. It is a mapping between the tax codes in Storeden and the equivalent VAT code used by Invoices in Cloud. It is essential to map all the codes, even if not used, in order to continue with the sending of data.


1. Access to Storeden in read-only mode: no entries will be performed in the Storeden database.

2. Orders will be sent: the app will send orders from Storeden to Invoices in Cloud, not directly invoices.

3. The procedure is manned: the start and control of the status of data transmission is designed to be supervised by an operator.

You can install the app from here
More details on Fatture in Cloud at www.fattureincloud.it