Twodots takes flight and migrates from WooCommerce to Storeden

Twodots believes in the Storeden platform to increase online sales and turns into a new successful case.

Talking with Paolo Brera of Twodots, we know the steps that led this company to re-platform on Storeden.

How did Storeden help you improve?

Paolo: Our site was built with Woocommerce. The back-end is the part that surely struck us for functionality and intuitiveness of use. The agency that supports us in the management of e-commerce has proposed Storeden as a solution, we wanted to bet on something that for us was a novelty and the balance is certainly positive. We are also studying integration with one of the most widespread management systems in the company, on which we have moved recently, and we will be able to assess the flexibility of Storeden from this point of view.

What are the features of the system that have impressed you the most? How have your activities simplified?

Paolo: We are in the soft launch phase, so we still have to learn about the maximum potential available. We would not want to miss out on some gems that will amaze us over the next few months as the switch has really satisfied us.
Front-end navigation is fast and efficient, this was the first of our goals.
Soon we will implement an editorial section to enrich content that is currently a pure e-commerce. This is because the Twodots Technology brand has great ambitions, but at the same time embraces a large number of product categories and is born in a business context strongly commercial, so the challenge of online positioning and conversion is high but stimulating. So first we focused on providing the end user with a tool to buy quickly and smoothly.

​​​​​​​Tell us your story and Introduce Twodots: why did you decide to sell online? Do you remember your first sale?

Paolo: The decision to sell online was born spontaneously, given that today, more than an opportunity, it has become an "obligation"; you must be there. To bring the company to a next step, we decided to move from a simple window with an impersonal to basic digital commerce, to a platform oriented towards real e-commerce and therefore ready to support a digital marketing approach with a focus on performance and conversions. We are at the beginning, July 2018 was the moment of the launch of the new platform with Storeden, but we expect that next Christmas will be the real testing ground and consolidation of strategies and optimization processes at various levels of the platform itself.

What suggestions do you want to give to those who are launching their online business?

Paolo: Relying on partners who marry the project, who understand the objectives and the corporate nature with which they have to do. The business of the digital market is growing at double figures, we can no longer afford to be incomplete from this point of view given that all the realities, from retail to the brands themselves, driven by large digital commerce platforms, are moving and they are consolidating under this point of view.

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