Negozi Pellizzari: Launched the e-commerce project with Storeden

After a long software selection, Negozi Pellizzari choose to use Storeden to approach online sales.

Through Alberto Simionato of shops in Pellizzari, we explore the history of a very successful family-run company. Many decades of experience in the retail sales of clothing, footwear and accessories, 12 stores in Italy and 3 outlets.

Did you sell online with other platforms?

We didn't sell online with other platforms. Magento was proposed in the first e-commerce project that did not go through. The difficulties of integration with our management and the complexity of use have made us desist from carrying out the program. When we had our first meeting with Storeden we had no doubt whatsoever that it was the right platform for our needs.

What are the features of the system that most impressed you? How did they simplify your business?

Definitely the possibility of integrating the system with app according to the needs of each client. We really wanted the possibility to manage shipments with a multi-warehouse and not only was it possible to make it but the shipping process is easy and fast. Another fundamental feature for us is the possibility of creating manual orders with items not included in our digital catalog but present in our stores. We concluded many sales through customer requests that had seen an item in a store and then wanted to complete the purchase online.

​​​​​​​Tell us your story and introduce your company: why did you decide to sell online? Do you remember your first sale?

Shops Pellizzari is a multi-brand clothing retailer that boasts 12 medium-large stores and 3 outlets in Veneto, Lombardy, Lazio and Abruzzo in some of the most important shopping centers in Italy. The idea of ​​selling online was born over time from the need to offer a more complete service to our customers of physical stores and to make ourselves known also in other regions, where we are present thanks to digital and social communication strategies.
We opened the online shop on October 23, 2018 and the first sale took place after 2 or 3 days, a Peuterey men's jacket.

What suggestions do you want to give to those who are launching their online business?

I suggest starting in small steps and planning activities down to the smallest detail, the possibilities are many and reaching multi-channeling is complex. We have just started ourselves and we still have to develop many aspects such as "click and collect" or return to the store which are set goals. Begin to know the thoughts of your customers thanks to the reviews they leave you and to customer service, take small steps day after day to improve your store.

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