Backoffice's restyling

We communicate the changes made to the Storeden's backoffice.

During August 2019 we updated Storeden's backoffice to make it easier to manage, giving you direct and organized access to the most important information.
Here's what we changed:

1. Search field:
We entered the search field at the top, incorporating it in the backoffice header. Now you can easily search for products by name, description, SKU, EAN and other search options that can be activated from Settings> General Settings> Search Options

2. Orders:
Direct access to orders has been moved from the header and entered in the left menu.

3. Apps Market:
We have divided the apps into categories and we have associated the categories to the respective titles in the menu on the left. In the Orders menu you will find the app related to the orders, in the Marketing menu those related to marketing and so on.

Within the various menu items on the left you will find the "Apps Market" link which will direct you to the corresponding category in the App Market (in the example below the apps reached by the Marketing menu).

4. Support:
Support request has been moved to the header and entered in the User Profile menu at the top right.

We keep the request for support also in the backoffice footer.

5. Sales channels:
You can activate and deactivate your sales channels from the "Go to site" drop-down menu, located at the top right of the back office.


We wish you a good day.

Storeden's team