PayPal chooses Storeden to launch the PayPal Commerce Platform.

Now you can activate PayPal Commerce Platform as a payment method. Accept all types of payments, from over 190 countries in the world in over 100 different currencies

The online payment giant PayPal, in these days, has launched in the global market a complete and innovative solution to facilitate merchants and online shopping for millions of users; it's called PayPal Commerce Platform and full integration is already available on the Storeden platform; with a simple and quick activation from your ecommerce Storeden (Settings> Payments> PayPal), it allows you to accept payments from over 255 million buyers, in over 100 currencies and 200 markets, using PayPal's anti-fraud protection and platform management without previous.

From their online store, each merchant will guarantee customers that they can choose the payment methods they prefer (PayPal, credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards), gaining international buyers at the same time thanks to other locally accepted payment methods, such as iDeal , Sofort and many others.

Due to this strategic partnership you will be able to manage your Storeden ecommerce with the best cloud ecommerce platform and make the most of PayPal's global experience and expertise.

Here are the main strengths of PayPal Commerce Platform:

Extreme simplicity: you can manage all payment methods from a single tool

Exclusive pricing: benefits from rates dedicated to you, one of the lowest on the market

More conversions: optimize your conversions by accepting the most used methods in each country

Unbeatable security: secure 3D protection and anti-fraud detection for your business

To enable PayPal Commerce Platform on your Storeden site follow the dedicated guide