From the stands of local markets to global sales: The Benasciutti Casa story

Benasciutti Casa, an important online shop in Italy and around the world for the sale of bedding and other home items.

​​​​​​​Welldry has really been there for all the steps of trade since the 1970s, opening sales stands at markets in the main cities of Emilia Romagna and the Veneto, Italy, then adding a number of shops in Ferrara. In 2010, the company landed in the world of eCommerce, focusing on the various digital marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, Facebook, price comparison sites). Encouraging results then pushed the company to open their first Benasciutti Casa shop. Today, it's a point of reference for those buying bedding and other home goods across Italy.

What can you tell us about your online sales experience?
Our online sales experience led us to choose a platform to create our online shop: without a technical staff of our own, we fell in love with this new adventure and for four years we worked like crazy with Magento. It was fantastic, but not at all suited to our needs. We wasted too much time, energy and money with it. As a gamble, we switched to Storeden, and in a short amount of time we understood that we should have done so much sooner. The ease of use, the simplicity of adding the various custom plug-ins quickly, the multi-channel nature and the professionalism made it possible for us to boost our numbers.
What struck you about the Storeden platform?
The best feature that I've found is the ability to adapt it to your personal needs. Starting from a base, you can enrich it according to your needs. You can then invest your savings in promoting your products and you have more time to dedicate to your work as a retailer, unlike with Magento. There are already tons of apps available, and they help you quite a bit - but, most importantly, there's a company that listens to you and seizes opportunities for growth with you.
What is your competitive advantage?
'Honesty and professionalism are the foundations of entrepreneurship - essential if you are a digital entrepreneur!​​​​'
What suggestions do you have for those starting an online business?

'Today I wouldn't hesitate at all. I don't have experience with the vast array of platforms out there, but I must say that Storeden has certainly been the one that has impressed me most, in Italy and abroad.'

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