With Storeden, you can earn money and spend time enjoying your hobbies at the same time: the case of Cosmofarm

Cosmofarm, the eCommerce site dedicated to the sales of over-the-counter chemist and beauty products, has found the right partner for its online sales.

Yes, it's worth saying, with Storeden you save time and you can spend your extra free time doing what you love. This is the case for Cosmofarm, a shop dedicated to the world of over-the-counter health, wellness and beauty products. In early 2014, Marco, believing firmly in the growth of the digital market, decided to offer his products to a wider audience, joining the eCommerce world.

Cosmofarm was founded in December of 2007 by two chemist siblings, Elisa and Marco, in Terni, Italy. After a short initial experience with another system, in early 2015, the owners heard about the Storeden platform. Storeden's characteristics and features immediately proved to be innovative, but also intuitive and simple to use, even for those without in-depth knowledge of the online world and programming languages: its simple, complete interface is complete in every aspect.

According to Marco, the motive that inspired him to change platform was the need to have a professional online shop. He found this very quality in Storeden, where he immediately came into contact with an expert team that is always available for advice and assistance.
According to the company owner, there are multiple characteristics that make Storeden the leader in its category:
  • low start-up costs that make it possible for anyone to invest as necessary to sell their products nationally;
  • synchronization of the company price list with the most important marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, etc.);
  • Backend management from a smartphone thanks to a dedicated app;
  • the ability to create and manage orders manually.
  • the ease of integrating different payment methods (PayPal, AmazonPay, credit cards);
  • statistical reports for detailed sales analyses;
  • multi-language sales; 
  • a marketing section to better customize campaigns (creation of custom coupons);
  • a platform that's always in step with the times.
Here's what Marco had to say:
"I believe that online retailing is an opportunity that everyone should embrace, because it eliminates distances and opens up the user base of your company. It's possible, as was the case for me, to have a storefront that everyone, in every country, can see. I remember my first sale. I had launched the e-commerce site just a few days prior, then the following Sunday I went skiing. When I stopped at lunch, I checked my inbox and saw that I had received a €180.00 order...having fun and earning money at the same time isn't bad at all!"
Do you have any suggestions for those starting an online business?

"Yes. It takes lots of patience and passion. Online retail has many critical issues, as do physical sales. Opening an online shop requires the same amount of effort that you dedicate to your offline activities."
Visit the Cosmofarm webstore.