Creating manual orders with Storeden

The manual orders feature makes it possible to quickly manage orders placed over the telephone or via email, or those for goods not found in the catalogue.

Today we're going to take a moment to talk about the manual orders feature, which makes it possible to quickly manage orders placed over the telephone, via email, those for goods not found in the catalogue, and so much more. Often, as a merchant, you will end up on the phone with a customer, helping him step by step to complete an online order, which is a large investment of time that you could be doing something else. Let's take a look at what this feature is and how to use it.

Storeden helps you improve sales

Thanks to just a few simple steps, Storeden makes it possible to manage manual orders (e.g. those that arrive via telephone or email or which involve products not found on your website) all from your trusted dashboard. Statistically, this feature is an important part of building customer trust, because those who are less familiar with and often intimidated by online transactions can still purchase your products, obstacle-free. That means more sales and satisfied customers.

Easy to manage

It's possible to quickly create manual orders by sending an optional payment link via PayPal. As an alternative, after sending the summary of the order, the client can pay using more traditional methods, such as a wire transfer, cash on delivery or even cash, should the customer come to you and pick up the order in person. For all products that are to be shipped, you can also add the shipping costs.

What are the benefits?

Let's delve into the benefits enjoyed by those who use the Storeden manual order feature:
you'll facilitate sales for those who aren't familiar with online purchasing, without losing a customer. Potential sales are transformed into actual sales;
you'll be able to manage all online and offline orders from a single interface, ensuring inventory numbers are accurate and order management is centralized.
you can also manage orders for products not found in the catalogue, i.e. for products not actually present in the online shop but which the customer may have seen in your brick and mortar shop.
greater customer satisfaction, as there are no obstacles to purchasing the item desired.
you can quickly fulfil orders that would otherwise be abandoned or incomplete.
Our advice
If you've decided to use the manual order feature, our first bit of advice is to let your customers know about it in a clear, precise manner. It's best to create a small section within your online shop which contains all the necessary information for the purchase, thereby stating that orders can be placed over the telephone or via email, ensuring that you provide all the contact information necessary to that end.

For more information on manual orders, visit our online guide.