Friendship, passion for design and the web: the essential qualities of the Eglooh eCommerce website

An online shop that arose from a passion for design and the web, Eglooh offers unique ideas and solutions.

Behind Eglooh is the story of two friends who happen to have the same name: Mauro and Mauro. Of course, it wasn't their shared name to unite them, but rather their passion for two distinct yet connected worlds: design and the web. Their enthusiasm gave rise to Eglooh, an online shop dedicated to unique products and ways to furnish your home or office. Eglooh sells singular design pieces and furniture thanks to the experience and know-how of an expanding network of small, local artisans and businesses.

What can you tell us about your Storeden experience?
The opening of our Storeden shop was parallel to our entry in different marketplaces. From day one, it proved to be a simple, intuitive platform in terms of management, while also being highly functional. Starting from the ground up, and with no special knowledge of programming or graphic design or web layouts, it made it possible for us to create our web store, providing maximum support during our growth phase, and in all the subsequent evolutions of the project.
Storeden made it possible for us to have a dynamicfast and, most importantly, easy-to-manage website. We can boast of being one of the first companies to use the platform, and we've seen its continual growth, both in terms of the quality and quantity of the services offered. Payment management is extremely important for online retailing, and Storeden offers a wide range of options that make secure, safe transactions possible. Categories, filters, tags and attributes make it possible to easily and simply manage a large number of products. The Storeden App Market is constantly being enriched with new, interesting integrated options. All this, without even mentioning the really useful marketing features, such as coupons and gift cards.

Do you remember your first sale?
Our first sale took place in a marketplace, and it coincided with the request for a custom product. Perhaps it was a sign of what would be our next inclination towards the creation of personalized products to satisfy the needs of different customers.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start their own online store?
To anyone who wants to start their own online shop, I'd definitely recommend starting with Storeden. It's a fast, functional solution that lets you focus on the growth of the brand and more strategic activities, without having to worry about managing the web design or programming side of things.

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