Gift cards for Storeden webstores

Storeden offers countless marketing and promotion tools, including gift cards.

Among the countless marketing and promotion tools available within the Storeden platform, today we'll take a closer look at gift cards. Gift cards or gift vouchers are a type of pre-paid credit voucher that can be used on the online store from which it was purchased.
This essential feature is not to be overlooked in order to generate more conversions, sales and traffic to your website. Statistically, those who make their first purchase with a gift card generally repeat the purchase.

A world of potential for the merchant

In terms of strategy, the main advantages to using that feature within a web shop are:
- an increase in the visits that can be turned into actual conversions. Most of the time, each gift card sold corresponds to a new potential client;
- customer loyalty, increasing the likelihood a user will return to the shop for future purchases;
- increased brand or shop awareness for those that offer the option to purchase gift cards, thereby increasing the potential customer base.
Gift cards are among the marketing tools most often used to get better sales feedback.
More benefits for the customer 
We're often stumped when it comes to what to give for Christmas, the birthdays of friends and family members, or for various anniversaries. Or, we worry about giving something that won't be appreciated or even in the wrong colour, size or model (especially when it comes to clothing). Gift cards arose precisely for this reason, offering a pre-paid voucher to a friend or relative, who can then spend it as they like within your online boutique. Numerous studies show that around the holiday season there's an increase in purchases in general, but also a spike in gift cards as a present for those dear to us.
Thanks to your Storeden web shop, you can easily manage gift cards: all you have to do is create the vouchers to be purchased and make them visible on your site. Each user can then buy the gift card, indicating who the recipient is and adding a custom message. Once the gift card is redeemed, customers can purchase items on your shop using the credit they've received. It couldn't get any easier!

For more information on managing gift cards, head to our online guide.