We chat with Inclemashop: managing orders and shipments quickly and efficiently

Inclemashop, a leading online retailer in the sale of spare parts for vacuum cleaners and floor scrubbers, has chosen Storeden for its multi-language online shop.

In a world with thousands of items and spare parts for cleaning, Inclemashop is a leading enterprise with the fast, easy answer to the question: 'What's the right spare part?'
With over thirty years of experience in the industry, Inclemashop web store sends the best consumer items for vacuums, floor scrubbers, floor polishers and sweepers to your home in 24 to 48 hours. The online shop has to satisfy the needs of all craftsmen, housewives, and/or private customers seeking a vacuum motor, buffer piece or sweeper part.
"Imagine the person standing before a vacuum cleaner with a broken motor, searching for the part on his smart phone and, 24 hours later, the courier rings the doorbell with the package containing the right piece."

What was your online experience before Storeden?
We sold via a static site that wasn't dynamic at all as. Clients had to download the price list, tediously search for the spare part, request an estimate, calculate shipping, send the banking info for payment, wait for the order to be processed at the warehouse and, finally after a few days, the merchandise was shipped, with the courier delivering the part 3-5 days after that. Today, the order is pre-paid, processed in 5 minutes, and the pickup of the package is done the same day, so that the day after, the client can have the part on his doorstep. The volume of orders increases our purchasing ability in relation to couriers, so today we offer free shipping, that's a sure thing, in 24 hours throughout Europe. Before becoming part of team Storeden, I tried other solutions that are even more widespread. But I found them too complicated, in need of a web tech and knowledge of programming, with lacklustre layouts and graphics and, in particular, poorly indexed or un-indexable sites. Already from the first glance, Storeden convinced me that I could be online in a short amount of time, just like that, just like I expected. I got the feeling that if I offered the products, someone else would make it possible for me to start selling RIGHT AWAY!!!

What do you like best about Storeden?
- The easy-to-use, clear interface;
- Fields to index the items uploaded;
- A super-fast server and site;
- Responsive assistance, a young company that transmits enthusiasm and a desire to build something. The majority of the aspects of the order flowchart were exactly as I imagined them. In addition, the on-demand customization option eliminated any lingering doubts I may have had.

What suggestions do you have for those starting an online business?
Join forces with Storeden and maybe we can even start a forum to exchange ideas and solutions for this evolving world that has made and is making a difference. Sell brand-name products or, better yet, sell YOUR OWN product right away: craftsmanship and non-standard objects. Storeden will immediately provide you with a shop window worthy of being called such. That way it won't be a clumsy attempt to join the world of eCommerce, and you will instead become the maker of your own reality.

Visit the Inclemashop web store.