Is it possible to bring a web store online in just 48 hours? La Borsetteria tells us how

La Borsetteria brings its experience and know-how in product selection to the web, offering users the best there is in the international leather goods scene, with a one-of-a-kind online shopping experience.

La Borsetteria, a leading leather goods retailer, describes the Storeden experience. 
How did you hear about Storeden?

We came to Storeden a few years ago thanks to the suggestion of our marketing company. The idea was to save what we could after the previous developers took more than double the agreed-upon time to deliver us an unusable platform that didn't fit our needs. To try to get up and running online as fast as possible, in just 48 hours (the time necessary to develop a tool to sync the management system of the register in the brick and mortar shop with the platform and manage product inventory in real time) we launched online with nearly 1900 different products using a free layout theme.
What really won you over?

The ease of use of the back office and the ample potential to customize all the options and the continuous developments made to the platform offered us an increasing number of features. In addition, we were able to find a series of additional apps that make it possible to independently create all you need for a successful webstore: Helpdesk via chat, Adwords, Facebook ads, popups, newsletters, and so much more. The installation and configuration of additional tools is quite simple and, if that weren't enough, many apps are also free!
Are you satisfied?
After a few months, we decided that Storeden would become our forever home, and with the help of its developers, we implemented the graphics and qualities that had been originally designed for our website.
Here, again, the results were surprising: in just over a week, our website was online, just like we had designed it. Currently we have over 3,000 different products available, plus complete, thorough technical specs, and simple and intuitive browsing. In short: Heaven!

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