The online shop for La Vigna di Sarah: now selling organic prosecco.

La Vigna di Sarah has adopted the Storeden platform for its online sales portal.

Tell us your story: why did you decide to start selling online? 
I want to sell my products online to be able to reach everyone and because I want my company to be innovative in every way. In fact, we set up the La Vigna di Sarah online shop in order to sell the only prosecco harvested at night, and we are currently in the process of making all our production processes organic.


Did you already sell your products online? What struck you about Storeden?
No, I began with the eCommerce website and now I'm getting ready to offer my products on Amazon and eBay. The Storeden platform is very intuitive, and the thing that impressed me the most was, without a doubt, the reviews, because they are always a stimulus for me, pushing me to improve and always offer a better experience to the user.

Do you remember your first sale? 
The first sale was a bit of a surprise because the client had abandoned his cart. But then, thanks to the abandoned cart management options offered by Storeden, I contacted the customer and he completed the order! Fantastic!

What advice would you give to someone starting their own online business?
Don't wait. You can go gradually, but you have to start! If you work hard, you'll get the results you want!

Visit the online shop and try all the products from La Vigna di Sarah!