Storeden and abandoned cart management

The issue of abandoned carts is - and always has been - a focal point in the strategy of every online shop.

The issue of abandoned carts is - and always has been - a focal point in the strategy of every online shop. There are plenty of users who land on your site, browse your products, add them to their cart and then never complete the purchase. There are many reasons as to why this happens, and they aren't always related to the direct management of your online shop. In this article, we'll take a look at the potential factors that cause a customer to abandon a shopping cart and suggest a few strategies and tools to use in order to avoid it happening too often.

Why carts are abandoned

The main causes for carts being abandoned are often directly related to additional fees and costs that are added in the checkout phase. This includes shipping fees, additional costs for cash on delivery payments and/or other expenses related to the product. Unexpected costs set off alarm bells for consumers when shopping online. If they aren't mentioned clearly enough on the website or product info section, customers can't be 100% aware of the total cost of the purchase. So, when they see the unexpected fees at checkout, it isn't exactly a positive signal in the mind of the consumer who had been planning on spending a different amount. Statistically speaking, users are more likely to buy if, for example, shipping is entirely free or free above a certain purchase amount. That doesn't mean it's necessary to always offer free shipping. Communication and transparency, on the other hand, are essential.

Another crucial point in online sales management relates to the terms of sale and the return policy. It is fundamental for customers to be aware of the exchange policy and the rules for returning goods that don't meet their expectations. If the exchange/return policy and any related costs are not clear (or even worse, not stated at all), it's likely customers won't complete the purchase. After all, they don't have all the information they need to make a well thought-out decision.
Last but not least, a decisive factor in a good part of abandoned carts is often connected to the functionality of the online shop. In particular, the checkout procedure should be simple and immediate, without too many steps, information or fields to compile. Ultimately, this delicate operation can make or break an online purchase.

What can you do to reduce abandoned carts?

The Storeden platform comes with a series of layout templates that have been optimized for online checkouts. This ensures that all our merchants can take advantage of a structure that's already fine-tuned to address the topics described above. But wait! All is not lost! Some users, for various reasons, still don't complete their purchases. For them, Storeden offers an abandoned cart feature. Thanks to this option, you can monitor all the carts abandoned by your customers. You can even set up the automatic delivery of an email after a certain amount of time after the cart was abandoned, encouraging the customer to proceed with the order. You can also set up a customized email, giving your customers a discount code to encourage them to complete the purchase of the products selected. Always be sure to use a simple tone and convey the information clearly.

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