Managing returns with Storeden

A return management system that's professional, easy to use and quick. Effortlessly manage and respond to your customers' requests.

A professional system to manage returns that's easy and quick, facilitating the requests of your clients, will allow you to control and administer product inventories and, no less importantly, to ensure that customers are always satisfied and get the attention they deserve even when returning goods, or exchanging for a different size or product. Statistically speaking, return management is crucial to any successful online strategy. Today's online customers seek transparency, immediacy and simplicity, not just during the purchase phase, but also in the post-sales phase, especially when they need to exchange items for a different size or colour, or even return a product that didn't meet their expectations. It's important to remove or at least reduce obstacles that limit users as they make the final decision to purchase a product from you instead of from a direct or indirect competitor.

Quick returns

Storeden offers all its merchants a return system that is simple and intuitive to use. Let's look more in depth at how to best use this feature within your Storeden web store.
First of all, each client can initiate a return request directly from his or her account/user profile. Within his or her dashboard, they'll find a summary of the orders placed and, correlating to each specific order, it is possible to submit a return/exchange request, identifying the motivation (defective item, change in size/colour, product return, etc.). After this simple step, the merchant will receive a notification for the return request, at which point he can proceed with the RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization), either rejecting or accepting the request. In the latter case, it will then be possible to attach all the documents required to proceed with the return or exchange.
Increase consumer trust and sales

State your return policy in the clearest way possible so as to provide your potential customers with all the information that may be useful when exchanging merchandise. Your website is your business card and clear communication is key to making customers aware of your company's policies. Return and exchange management is a way to reinforce consumer trust - it must never be neglected. Add a section to your site where you clearly state all details relating to product exchanges. Include any information that will help your customers feel reassured during the purchase phase.

For more information on return management, visit our online guide.