Payments - Developed by Maxime BOISUMEAU

Manage your credit card electronic payments on your e-commerce using ComNpay solution. Simple, flexible and 100% secure payment solution.

User friendly and quick payments for your customers
Payment page is completely customizable with same look & feel of your ecommerce websiteto
Easy to use and to configure using your Payment credentials

Competitive and transparent pricing – Storeden Dedicated Offer

ComNpay is a non-binding payment solution with competitive pricing for e-commerce transactions :

  • French Credit Card (CB): 1,10% + 0,25€ Transaction Fee
  • International Credit Card (EMV VIsa & Mastercard): 2,50% + 0,25€ Transaction Fee

The MO-TO agreement is included in ComNpay contract.


ComNpay allows you to increase sales and turnover by using smart tools in order to effectively reduce online fraud:

  • Smart 3D-Secure - parametrizable
  • Anti-fraud advanced module
  • Geo-filtering
  • IP address & Credit Card BIN coherence
  • Scoring transactions (coming soon)

ComNpay is PCI-DSS Level1 compliant payment gateway, making 100% secure all transactions by encrypting with TLS protocol.

Customize your payment page

With ComNpay you have the opportunity to customize the payment page with your website look & feel and your logo.