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Back in Stock

Marketing - Developed by Storeden

Back in Stock allows your customers to track down the unavailable products they are interested in, so they are notified when these products will be available for purchase again.

Allow customers to be informed when a product becomes available again
It integrates into your e-commerce
Easy to configure

The application allows you to set, for each language enabled in the store:

  • the label of the key to request the notice of availability in the e-commerce,
  • the privacy policy,
  • the e-mail template of notification that will be sent to customers.

You can also view the requests made, broken down by product.
E-mails will be sent automatically by Storeden only for the requested products for which the available quantity has been updated. The procedure will take place once a day.

To save the configured settings, press the "Save data" button. This will enable the service in your shop.

A notification request button will appear on the detail page of a product that's not available. At its pressure, it will be presented a panel where the user must enter his e-mail and accept the privacy policy in order to use the service.

If a product its equipped with variants, the availability requests will be tracking these variants.