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MailChimp Ecommerce

Customers - Developed by Storeden

Take advantage of the eCommerce features offered by MailChimp with MailChimp Ecommerce!

Customer synchronization
Product synchronization
Order synchronization up to 6 months

The application allows you to synchronize eCommerce information with MailChimp, in particular:

  • customers,
  • products,
  • orders placed up to 6 months.

In addition, synchronization includes the parameters needed to use the Product Recommendations and MailChimp campaigns tracking and reporting capabilities.

Synchronization takes place automatically once a day, but you can also force it manually.

The app requires a MailChimp API key and the ID of the MailChimp list to which it must synchronize.
Learn more about the MailChimp API keys here.
Learn more about the MailChimp list IDs here.