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el Capitàn

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Check and update the price of your products over the main online stores in realtime and set the price for your products under you own rules, as better for your business

Dinamic Price Online Check
Price Balancing
Realtime Comparative Competition


"El Capitan" E-commerce App. Realtime Price Checking.

With El Capitan you can check who is your competitor in the main Marketplaces (Amazon, Ebay, Trovaprezzi) and follow the prices evolution day after day. With these informations you can check how the prices change and adapt your business to stay one step ahead the competitors, maximizing your incomes. 

In the world of the online sales the product's prices change one minute after another, following these changes you can adapt your store and you prices to handle your articles in the best possible way.

Who can use "El Capitan" ? 

Any Account Storeden  can add these application; To use this application you need the EAN code of your products.