€ 299,00 + IVA
Sales Manago

Marketing - Developed by Omniaweb

The Manago Sales App monitors the behavior of your users on the site and reports them on the platform for managing automation.

Adds user events to SM (CART, PURCHAS, CONTACTS)
Management of SM cookies for event management and monitoring
Monitor up to 5 different forms (ex: contacts, newsletters, product info, etc.)

With this app you can manage users who interact with the site directly from Sales Manago.

The additions to the cart, the purchases, the completion of forms are monitored, in addition to visits.

The system automatically updates the data in Sales Manago from which you can set up workflows to increase the conversion of your users.

A Manago Sales account is required for operation.

To take full advantage of the app's features, remember to associate the product feed with your Manago Sales account.