€ 499,00 + IVA

Sales Channel - Developed by Storeden

The new Spartoo app enables you to share your Storeden product catalogue with one of the fashion world’s most famous marketplaces. Orders that you receive on Spartoo are automatically imported into St

Automatically download orders in Storeden
Keep warehouse stock levels aligned
Define price variations on Spartoo as a percentage or fixed price

By using this app you can activate a Spartoo sales channel and publish your product catalogue in one the fashion world’s best-known marketplaces. The app lets you select products to sell on Spartoo and automatically synchronise orders, prices and warehouse stock levels.

The complete catalogue will be sent to Spartoo twice a day, at 11:00 AM and 4:00 AM, any products which are out of stock or not available in the right colour or size will not be sent to the feed.

Synchronisation of the inventory will be automatic, so when a product runs out it will be removed from Spartoo.

Also order downloads will be automatic: when an order is downloaded in Storeden, Spartoo will show that the order is being processed. If the order status in Storeden is modified to “delivered” or “deleted”, the update will be transmitted to Spartoo.


Products must have both the Size and Color variants. You must have a Spartoo account already enabled.

The products are sent in groups, the first group of each catalog update also sends the "force_overwrite" flag set to 1. Remember to communicate this to your Spartoo manager when you set up the account.