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Landing Pages

Tools - Developed by Storeden

Create unlimited landing pages for your store, differentiated by content and by language

Create unlimited Landing Pages for your store
No monthly fees
Integration with your template

This application allows you to create and manage landing pages for your site in complete autonomy, in an extremely simple way, and to freely customize them in terms of graphics and content.

There is no limit in the number of pages you can create for each site and you can modify them using the traditional HTML editor and also adding widgets to enrich them with functionality.

What is the purpose of using a landing page? Some examples here:

  • as a personalized navigation page

  • for the promotional launch of a product or of a product line

  • for communications related to specific periods of the year (Christmas, Black Friday, etc ...)

  • for a lead generation campaign

Once the app is installed, from the "Marketing" > "Landing Page" menu you can create new pages by choosing the name, URL and entering data for SEO. The pages created will be perfectly integrated with your graphic template and will support all the languages ​​active on your site.

To customize the landing pages you must follow the path from the menu "Ecommerce" > "Theme" > "Customize" > click on the Hamburger menu at the bottom right and click on the page you want to modify