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Due to this app you can fill out the request form to use the Highstreet platform directly from the back-office of your e-commerce with your credentials.

Sell ​​your products on digital marketing channels or markets
Keep your content consistent everywhere
Create your online marketplace is the platform that allows you to manage, update and share the contents of your products on marketplaces, on social networks and on price comparators. Here are some of the related services:

Through the platform you can use various service solutions and distribute products online to over 200 sales channels, in 10 languages, in over 30 markets. Some of the features offered are:

  • Product feed management

    • Search engine product listing management

    • Comparison shopping feed management

    • Affiliate product feed management

    • Social commerce products listing feed management

    • Retargeting services

  • Multiple location listing management

  • Marketplaces synchronization