Stylish Outfit

Un tema dai toni chiari ed eleganti, adatto a tutte le tipologie di prodotti. Permette di personalizzare ogni sezione integrando e gestendo tutte le funzionalità più avanzate di Storeden.

€ 81,15 + IVA
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Basic features

  • Filtered shop navigation
  • "About us" section
  • "Contact us" section
  • Reviews box
  • Social newtwork links
  • Wishlist
  • Multilanguage
  • Responsive

Drag&drop sections

  • Banner with text
  • Contact us form
  • Mailchimp newsletter embed
  • Featured products
  • Products list by filter
  • Products list by tag
  • Related products
  • Image slider with text overlay
  • Reinforcing trust icons
  • Three banners box with text overlay
  • H1 content
  • Google map embed
  • Youtube video embed
  • Brands logo carousel
  • Blog posts preview
Storeden theme - mobile preview - Stylish Outfit